Chris Kaskavelis

Dr. Christos Kaskavelis, Ph.D., Co-Founded Velti Plc (Nasdaq: VELT) in 2000 and served as its Chief Operating Officer from 2000 to April 1, 2013. Chris oversaw all operations, project delivery groups, as well as the continuing development of Velti’s platforms. He has designed software systems for Pratt & Whitney, Analog Devices, General Electric and Lucent Technologies.

Ian Johnson

Ian held senior positions in mobile network operators for over 10 years including CTO for Vodafone’s Portuguese operations and MD for Vodafone’s International Technologies group. He went on to found Ad Infuse, a mobile advertising startup which was acquired by Velti where Ian was SVP Product for nearly 3 years. Ian is current VP of Product Management at Mediabrands.

Nikos Ipiotis

Nikos holds an MSc in International Business Administration from Westminster University and a BSc in Business Administration from The American College of Greece. Some career highlights include: BizDev @ Velti from startup to Nasdaq. Founded and exited a Greek social gaming network with 300K+ members.

Panagiotis Xeros

Panagiotis is an Oracle Certified Expert and Associate and he works as a freelancer for the last 18 years. He specializes in large-scale database and J2EE systems and he has designed and implemented several projects for the public and private sector. He has been a researcher at National Technical University of Athens and at the Computer Technology Institute.